James in the Garment District.

Aaron outside of work.

BMC Team Machine SLR01 x #Phetus

Traction control, off.

James Nord, New York, US

Some of the highlights that got packed for an upcoming week of snow in Lake Placid, NY.

Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez

I’ve been starting and ending my days with this.


James Nord and a rockslide.

Fog on the Williamsburg Bridge


Dylan last night after the Peleton Photo Annual launch at the Rapha Cycle Club

The kids sit there. From tiny plastic chairs, with giant eyes, they hear they can be whoever they want, they can have whatever they want. And I think I want to grow up to be all of them. And I wish we told them they are everything they want, they have it all. And I wonder what they’d want us to be. Astronauts and doctors, lawyers and professional athletes, the sandbox, the chalkboard, the folded, hand-written notes, the questions, not the answers.


"As I was crossing the George Washington Bridge towards New Jersey for the x-hundreth time, there was that quiet again—that peace. The view of the Hudson River from the GWB bike path will never, ever, get old. Most of the time, I just peek back at the incredible Hudson river and say to myself, "damn." But that day was a special occasion. The sight is just that incredible; you need to get off your bike and take it all in once in awhile. I did just that halfway through the bridge on that July 4th morning. Life in the Big Apple can get pretty chaotic at times, and it’s really easy to feel trapped. But for a brief moment, as I stood there on that bridge, alone, with no one in sight, for the first time in a long time - I felt free.

See more of my photos and read more of my words on the Deux North Hunters page.

I See Fire (Kygo Remix) by Ed Sheeran

Some reading…

Billy Collins - Aimless Love
One of my favorite poets, and my first favorite. I had the opportunity hear Billy read from his latest collect, Aimless Love, last month. It was great to meet him… “So did your parents name you after Bob or Thomas,” he said after I told him the addressee of his autograph.

You’d think I’d have a canned response, but I’m not much of a planner. So I say, "It’s either neither or both, I’m not sure," 

"No, no, that’s right. You’re your own man."

New York Magazine - Global Design 2013
It’s not as much about the issue, as it is the magazine. I may not always have time to read the paper, even on Sundays, or get through a novel in less than 1-2 months, but I’ve never felt like I was getting through one of these. It’s just a solid, balanced magazine. 

The Big Book of Anorak
A book made by the best children’s magazine in the world, Anorak makes me wants to have children, and until then I’ll be enjoying it alone. 

Winning and losing

Success in the moment of achievement, the win, has all the characteristics of any good addiction. It hits you, making you feel like the most powerful person in the world, and the only person in the world, your world. All your work, time, and sacrifice is justified. You did it, and it feels great. But then it begins to fade. You don’t even notice it at first. But that feeling is barely there. It’s as if a balloon was inflated to create a plaster model. Over time the balloon has deflated inside the permanent plaster walls of what it was, creating empty space that never existed before the plaster was set. But the model remains unchanged, its emptiness going unnoticed as it longs to be filled again. When the rush of achievement is gone, your mind is busy—half way between remembering that feeling and planning the next one. 

I was born to believe happiness exists in achievement, i wonder how many times I’ll fail before I know that happiness exists as much there as in success. 

Failure strips away every artificial preoccupation. Losing brings into focus the world as it is, that is your environment, people, and your self. As the things you’ve invested in inevitably do not return on their investment, you’re forced to consider your resources, that is time, love, and attention. The greatest opportunity of failure lies in reconciling the two, the world as it is and your resources. There is no better proof of this than in your greatest of failures, death. 

I’ve been lucky enough to have enjoyed some success, but maybe more fortunate to have experienced a good deal of failure. And failure has taught me infinitely more than success ever has. 

I think the ironic finality of this logic is that success and failure are just personal perceptions of our manipulations, meaningless without the purpose we give them. And that when we stop trying to control the world for our gain, we can appreciate it and find contentment outside any of our goals. Not to say that we shouldn’t set goals, try to succeed, and contribute, but just that we should realize whether we get there or fail trying is not important.