Claire outside the Mondrian Hotel.

After 100 successful years selling jewish comforts at the counter, the owners of Russ & Daughters in the Lower East Side decided to have a seat and open a cafe a few blocks away from their original location.

The new Russ & Daughters Cafe is perfect: excellently designed, quiet in the mornings with a friendly staff, and of course, serving some of the best smoked fish in NYC. 

House Industries just launched a new vēlo font collection and are celebrating with an exhibition at the Rapha Cycle Club NYC through October 26th. 

New Years is for looking forward, setting goals and having a vision. Birthdays are for looking back, reflecting on another year spent in your life. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about that leading up to my birthday this weekend, going through old photos, thinking about past experiences, considering each relationship I’ve invested in, and so on.

In the past 5 years, the bike has been a huge part of my life. From the 1984 Steel Trek 460 I bought in the summer of 2009 to the 2015 Specialized Tarmac I got this summer, with another Trek, a few Focus’ and a BMC in between. 

Deux North just released our best looking sock.

Derrick and I got over to see the TWA terminal during a rare opening as part of Open House New York.

The TWA Flight Center at JFK airport, a feat of modern architecture and design, was special from the day it opened in 1962. For that reason it has endured and been preserved to this day despite being closed to travelers since 2001.

For me this place is especially meaningful, as it’s where my parents met while both working at TWA. My mother still tells me how she can remember my dad walking down the stairs inside, smoking a cigar—more locomotive than man, and her—a young girl with the whole world at the gate. On their first date, they flew to Paris. 

Say My Name Ft. Zyra (RAC Remix) by ODESZA

ODESZA - Say My Name Ft. Zyra (RAC Remix)

ODESZA’s album has been out for a month now, and my endless playing nearly made it stale. But then RAC jumps in and make one of the hottest tracks fresh again, at least for another week.

Don’t let shorter days and cooler temperatures kill our fitness. 

Dylan, what camera do you use? Your pictures are beautiful!


I’ve been shooting with the Samsung Galaxy Camera for awhile now, and I love it. It takes great pictures, yes, but it also runs Android™ so I can open my photos in apps right on the camera, share in an email or over bluetooth, or just check my Tumblr dashboard. Totally cool. 

Also of note, I have broken every piece of technology I own, just this past year: a Macbook Pro, a Dell laptop, a GoPro Hero 3, a Mophie, 2 pairs of headphones, and a bluetooth speaker (off the top of my head). The Samsung camera has survived all my beatings, at least so far. Also of note, all the companies listed have been tremendous in helping to replace or repairing their products.

If I was going to buy something new, I’d probably get the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 ($449.99), the Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera RX100 III ($799.99), or the Ricoh GR ($696.95)

May we all be so lucky, lucky enough to get a text from an old friend, a friend you grew up with, a friend that got in trouble with you almost as many times as y’all got away with it, a friend who you peed on that one time running away from a burning Christmas tree, that friend who knew you before you knew yourself.

I hope he texts you with a photo of his new wife, “so this happened today.” And almost as soon as you read it, your other friend is calling you. That other friend who you grew up with, the one that was always there for you. And he’ll want you to fly out to San Francisco with him to say congratulations in person. I hope you buy the ticket before putting down the phone. 

Then when you land, I hope you remember that the only thing better than a best friend is an old friend. After sharing stories that you’ve only just remembered until morning, I hope you realize the greatest redemption in growing older is building a shared history with people you love. And I hope meeting his new wife, you’ll realized that he must have known this all along.

Congratulations Matt & Rita!

Long nights and exposure.


Went on a Hunt of my own and picked up the October issue of @pelotonmagazine. My dude has a way with words and we’re pretty proud of him 😸

Sunday Reading

The Deux North Jersey, now for sale.